10th November, Candy Royalle

From my harbour-view corner office at Eastside HQ, I have one of my team of assistants play back the weekly Something Else shows while I sit back in my Eames original and cast a critical ear through my gold plated headphones. My constructive criticism is then dictated out at pace, to be forwarded immediately back to the week’s host. Such are the heavy responsibilities of being Executive Producer of arguably the city’s most highly regarded show on alternative arts.

Okay so most of that was a work of fiction (it’s good to have goals) but my point is – boy is it easy to hand the feedback out when all you do is listen. But for this week’s show, I came tumbling way, way down, from the plush office in my mind, and landed with a thud in the hot-seat, or more to the point, the host’s seat, or even more to the point, the other guest seat, because Ariane actually sat in the host seat so that she could do the panelling for me while I did the hosting – at a moment’s notice – for Lauren who couldn’t make it.

I think now would be a timely moment to humbly take my hat off to Justine, Lauren, Maren and Joel, who consistently inform and engage us every week on Something Else. Pay rises for all of you!

And now ladies and germs…. CANDY ROYALLE!

Lauren hooked us up with charming multi-disciplinary artist Candy Royalle for this week. Props to Candy who was greeted at the studio by a frantic me, pulling my hair out about having to host for my first time, and without preparation. I do believe her exact words were “Just chillax, TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS SISTAAA!”

And together, the three of us did manage to broadcast the show, however I have had a little less luck getting the podcast up. My very studious effort at editing has left me with a ghastly 257 meg audio file… any advice on how this happened would be appreciated.

Candy, herself a dredlocked joy to behold, was alive with passion and purpose, and it was inspiring to hear an artist describing their creation of art as a feeling of ‘magic’.

Beyond the chit-chat was the work itself, and we were treated to a royal serve of Candy with not one but two spoken word performances. I couldn’t help but be touched by such raw expressions of what must surely be personal experience, but more than that, it’s the heavy gust of generosity with which these emotions are shared, and I suppose too, the guts it takes to share them.

For me, spoken word performances create an immediate intimacy between artist and audience that no other art-form can quite match. Basically, there’s nowhere to hide; no musical instrument to sugar-coat, no picture frame to objectify, no camera to come between us. It was just Candy’s speckled voice, sending sounds, hard, sharp and soft, mesmerising scenes from her psyche, slaying my shut-eye, and working – well – magic.

Want a taste of Candy?

Stories by Starlight is a collaboration between Candy Royalle and Sloppy Joe plus a number of secret guests and collaborators. She can’t tell us the secret venue just yet, but I can share that the fun will unravel on December 3, from 7pm.

Violence is commissioned by The Red Room Company and it’s a collaboration with Nicola Bailey. In three words: Sexy. Roller. Derby. Intrigued? Opening night is November 24 from 6pm to 8.30pm at 77 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

For all of Candy’s latest and greatest, pick from this selection:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Candy.Royalle
Email: candy@candyroyalle.com
Website: http://www.candyroyalle.com

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