Something Else – 27th Oct with Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos

A couple of weeks ago (my apologies for the delayed post) I interviewed Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos on the show. Bendeguz is an actor in the fringe theatre & film scene, and also was a contestant on Channel 7’s ‘Beauty and the Geek’ this year. On the show I talked with Bendeguz about his journey into becoming an actor and some of the difficulties he faced with this career choice. We also talked about his upcoming play ‘The Beau Defeated’ and he performed a monologue from the play. And finally we discussed his experiences on ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and how going on the show has affected his acting career.

Portrait of Bendeguz

Bendeguz's Portrait from 'Beauty and the Geek'

In the interview Bendeguz gives some tips on how to follow an acting career including some great places to get training in the craft of acting. These include the Australian Theatre for Young People and the Sydney Theatre School. He also shared some information on cool opportunities for actors to get some experience and exposure including Short + Sweet, Sydney Fringe and the Sydney Shakespeare Festival & Shakespeare by the Sea. These are all really cool opportunities, which accept applications from actors to get some great roles. Short + Sweet is also a good opportunity for any directors and writers out there because the competition has an open call for scripts, followed by a call for directors to put them on the stage and finally calls for actors to bring it to life. Also, because it operates as a competition if you are successful there is definitely some prestige to be gained by getting through the rounds and maybe even winning the thing.

Bendeguz’s upcoming play ‘The Beau Defeated’, which we discussed on the show, is currently being played at The Figtree Theatre (Gate 4, UNSW High Street
Kensington, Australia) and its last three performances are on the 11th 15th & 18th of November at 7.30pm. It’s a satirical comedy written by Mary Pix and directed by Malcolm Frawley as part of the Sydney Theatre School. Although Bendeguz has already finished his studies at the Sydney Theatre School, he was asked back to perform in this play by Malcolm. To get a taste of what to expect in the play listen to the podcast of the show to hear an awesome monologue performed by Bendeguz.

Finally, make sure you listen to the podcast to hear Bendeguz’s opinions on the reality TV show ‘Beauty and the Geek’ and how it has affected his acting career. Also, we address some of the criticism Bendeguz has received for being an actor on a reality TV show, even though he didn’t act on the show.

The podcast can be downloaded by copying and pasting this link into your iTunes Advanced Podcast Subscription search bar.