6th October- Life in Vitro, Lauren Teiko Bayliss

Last Thursday, Maren interviewed Lauren Teiko Bayliss whose documentary Life In Vitro is showing at Antenna International Documentary Festival this week.

‘I decided to become the egg donor, rather than the investigative journalist’ -Bayliss

Director Lauren Teiko Bayliss

Life In Vitro documents Lauren Teiko Bayliss’ decision to become an egg donor for couple Hedda and Craig. It avoids political questions and judgements and focuses on the emotional journey of the donor as well as telling a part of Hedda and Craig’s story too. In the interview Bayliss discusses how she navigated this emotional journey both as a donor and as a documentary maker. Bayliss is a member of the group Motion Pictures Militia.

Still from Life In Vitro, Bayliss, 2011

Antenna International Documentary Festival opened on Wednesday for the first time and is set to become an annual event, joining an ever growing number of film festivals to entertain Sydney’s film buffs and culture freaks. The festival runs over five days and includes 42 films from 18 countries, with 25 Sydney premieres and 15 Australian premieres. Life in Vitro screens Sunday at 12pm at the Chauvel and is one of four documentaries competing for the local Antenna prize.

Antenna International Documentary Film Festival

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