22nd September- Peter Nelson and Shannon Field, Go Figure

On Thursday 22nd September I interviewed Peter Nelson and Shannon Field from Go Figure at the Sheffer Gallery.

Go Figure 2011

Peter Nelson has recently won the Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award for Mountain Drawing (the first time I felt at home) 2011, a perspex sculpture which takes influence from art as wide ranging as Chinese landscapes and video games.

Peter Nelson, 2011

Shannon Field is a curator of Go Figure, and his works, including Convict All Star #1 dissects Australia’s colonial history by use of grotesque portraits of significant historical figures.

Shannon Field, 2011

The exhibition Go Figure seeks to examine and explore different incarnations of the figure as well as concepts of configuration and figurativity. There are ten artists featured, including Seth Birchall, Wenmin Li, Gemma Messih, Mils & Morte, Scott Millington, Yiwon Park, Kristall Smits and Paul Williams.

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