28th July- Sara Givins ‘Double Effect’

This week on Something Else I’m interviewing Sara Givins, an artist whose works have explored the semiotics of language, and curator of Double Effect an exhibition running concurrently with Tom Holloway’s play And No More Shall We Part which tells the story of a couple forced to say goodbye after many decades together.

Sara Givins in one of her works

Double Effect to contains work by six up & coming Sydney artists whose varied works respond to ‘the predicament of mortality’ as depicted in the play, they are: Francesca Heinz, Elise Penith, Leyla Stevens, Ben Terakes, Matt Yeldham and Sara Givins herself.

Eliza, 2010, Francesca Heinz

I’ll be talking to Sara about how Double Effect extends and challenges the production, explores the ‘doubling’ of works in different forms, such as performance and visual arts, and reworks the ever present theme of human mortality in a variety of different media forms, from photography to sculpture to embroidery to audio installation.

Embroidery, 2010, Ben Terakes

Double Effect is showing in the foyer of the SBW Stables Theatre, in the Griffin Theatre, in Kings Cross, and opens this Friday 29th July, for more information check out Sara’s blog.

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