Upcoming 30th June show: Dr. Alex Munt, director of L.B.F.

This week on Something Else, I’m back again with more news, facts and chatter about the world of Sydney local film, video and the moving image.

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If you tune in between 6pm and 6:30pm this Thursday you’ll hear me chatting to Dr. Alex Munt, director of “pop-art film” L.B.F and academic at Macquarie University. We’ll talk about L.B.F. which premiered at South By South West in Austin, sold out at the Sydney Film Festival and is showing at Revelation in Perth next month. I get Alex’s tips on filmmaking practice in the digital age: micro-budgeting, graphic screenplays, avoiding traditional funding and distribution channels, and whether hollywood practices are the way to go for independent filmmakers in Sydney. We talk about how L.B.F. harnessed that familiar Sydney atmosphere and local independent music sound and translated it for the big screen; and what exactly a “pop-art film” entails.

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I’ll also let you know what film, video and visual arts you could get to this week, I’ll surprise you with some more film facts and you’ll hear some great tunes from local artists. Can’t wait to chatter my way into your car, kitchen or computer at 6pm this Thursday on Eastside 89.7 FM and don’t forget you can download the full interview with Alex Munt by pasting this feed into iTunes after it airs, and listen to it wherever and whenever you like.

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– Maren