A moment to reflect

Whilst the show undergoes some extensive changes, it would be good to reflect on some of the things the show has done over the past two years.

Starting out with Eden Falk and Kath Lim intrepidly creating a half-hour show that looks at the lesser known aspects of arts in Sydney, the show has seen an array of passionate young presenters, all connected in some way to the arts that they talk about, and even more guests pass through the Eastside studios in Paddington.

Our guests have included painters, video-makers, poets, thinkers, experimental theatre-makers, academics, politicians, activists and curators. They have ranged from people who have won Archibald Prizes to young emerging artists just starting out in their artistic pursuits. Eastside has always supported us and let us have the control over the show that made it possible for us to seek out the aspects of arts that we thought would be most interesting and most different for our listeners. We have always wanted to give exposure to the “alternative” because we felt that the fringe was where the most exciting art, writing and where there was a hotbed of ideas that were continually evolving, challenging traditional notions of art and writing.

It has always been about connecting these things that we personally found interesting and the audience on the other side of the broadcast. We have tried to make the show relatable and engaging, in-depth without jargon and invite people from all walks of life to be a part of the show, with an emphasis on the local Sydney region the show is tied to. The feedback and phone calls you’ve left over the past couple of years have been amazing and we take a lot of encouragement from that.

As we embark on a new stage of the show with new presenters and the ever widening horizons of possibility that open up before us for us to take the show into, we remain as committed as ever to what we do and with finding more ways to connect to our audience. But in order to do that, we need the support of our listeners. In a way, what we do takes its cue from the Eastside philosophy – an unwavering commitment to connecting our audience with what genuinely interests them and doing it with great passion. It’s why Eastside’s eclectic mix of jazz, world, folk and blues music with our extensive range of arts shows and programs that focus on what is happening in your local area has worked so well for over 20 years. We’ve kept our soul intact through this time and have not sold out to commercial interests but we can only do this with your support as our listeners.

During Eastside’s Soul Support week, you have more incentive to become a supporter than ever, with great prizes on the line. We think the station is pretty special and has something undefinable (a heart and spirit perhaps?) that should keep going. Becoming a supporter is only  the low low cost of $33 per year for concessions and $66 for full supporters. This gives you access to our competitions, giveaways all year round and also gives you a membership card that will give you fantastic discounts at businesses all over Sydney. PLUS, every supporter gets a free CD as well as entering in the draws for the major prizes.